Thursday, April 16, 2009

Planète Sauvage II

Planète Sauvage II - [mp3s : 76 mb]

LP album (2008)
7 tracks
total time 46 mns 49s.

The second album and first LP of Planete Sauvage presents seven pieces of a quite melancholic caracter. Most of them are given as a tribute to their creators different passions, first of all cinema, but also litterature and philosophy.

1-Mélancholia (Kassiel)
A novel from the japaneese writter-scenarist Ryu Murakami gave the piece it's name, but its theme was inspired by David Cronenberg's subversive film Crash, eroticism and death allegory. Besides we can hear the bewitching voice of the beautiful Déborah Unger.

2-Nos Années Sauvages - Our Wild Years (Kassiel)
This is the french title of the movie Days Of Being Wild, from the chineese director Wong Kar Wai.The duo remembers his youth full of hopes, yet outraged and rebellious, related to their father's youth, enthusiasmes and desillusions ( the french student's revolt in May 1968, first man on the moon 1969 ... ).

3-La Métamorphose Des Krolls - Métamorphosis Of The Krolls (Kassiel)
Personnal reflections on Guy Debord's thought , tribute to the free souls.

4-Le Monologue De La Rose Morte - The Dead Rose's Monologue (Usull)
Back to our father's revolt and their youth : the decay of one's soul is becoming an ironic large audience show, with this imaginary soundtrack of one of the most breathtaking scene played by Marlon Brando, in Bernardo Bertolucci's Dernier Tango a Paris - ( Last Tango In Paris ).

5-Cassiel (Kassiel)
Caracter from the films Wings Of Desire and So Far So Close of the german director Wim Wenders ( in this case, more
"berliner" than anything else ), Cassiel is before all the angel of solitude, the one who cannot but look and listen.

6-Le Retour De Biculah Dans Sa Patrie (chapitre2) - The Return Of Biculah In His Land (part two) (Kassiel)
Second episode of Biculah's adventures, back on his journey in Berlin, our hero, quite a bit desillusioned will cross
the path of one of the greatest 20th century's thinker, Herbert Marcuse .

7-L' Eveil De Shemty - The Awakening of Shempty (Kassiel - Usull)
Nymphean Chant rising upon the birthplace of our next messiah ( see The Book Of The Shadows - Amagimah's Epistle - chapter one - Resurrection - verses 18 - 23 ).